Jayashree Mahajani

Jayashree Mahajani

Visiting Faculty at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth & Translator

Completed JLPT Level N2

What got you interested in learning Japanese?

I was always interested in languages. However I completed my Masters in Pharmaceutical technology and subsequently I was working in the industry in Research and Development Department. I often used to come across scientific journals in Japanese language in our company library on subjects like cancer treatment. I was always intrigued by the complexity of the language and how the Japanese people must be writing everything technical in their language. So as I got a chance, I started learning this language as a hobby and gradually developed keen interest in the language, dreaming to be a technical translator in due course of time.

How was your experience learning at the academy?

Learning this language at the Academy was a sheer pleasure. The teaching methodology of Sujata Sensei not only  gave clarity on the grammar aspects of the language , but also made me delve deeper into the subject. Focus on all the four skills which form an integral part of language learning namely reading, writing, speaking and listening enabled me with developing the required skill sets. Apart from this, the JLPT training was rigorous and methodical, which helped me with the JLPT certification.

How would you best describe your interaction with Sensei?

The interaction with sensei gave me the confidence to scale greater heights inspite of odds. The problem solving capacity especially in understanding dokkai  was enhanced due to her ability to make the students think on their own. The lively atmosphere in the classroom helped to overcome the complexity of the language and enjoy the learning process.

How has the academy help you achieve your goals?

As I finished my N2, there was a vacancy at TMV, one of the most sought after institutes for japanese  language as a visiting faculty. Sujata sensei encouraged me and gave the confidence to take up teaching as a career option as I also completed a short Teacher’s  Training Program at the Academy. Also I was advised to take up a translation training course at one of the translation firms in Pune. Thus with proper guidance from the Academy, I could achieve my goals.

What are you currently doing professionally?

Currently, I am a visiting faculty at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth for teaching certificate course. 

Also, I am a translator at Fluent Services, Pune. I am involved in technical translation, which enables me to use both the language and my technical expertise.


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